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Каждый четверг в Юзовской Пивоварне! Полдюжины перепёлок за 200 грн.

4-6 сентября в Выставочном Центре "КиевЭкспоПлаза" прошла девятая Международная специализированная выставка "Индустрия пива и безалкогольных напитков 2013", в которой Юзовская Пивоварня принимала участие. За отменное качество и пивной ассортимент получила диплом.

We are glad to see you on a site of our restaurant  where you can  have a rest, relax, enjoy excellent taste of the real live beer. The best grades of hop and malt, the best water + some unique components welded in our brewery system which is  located directly in the hall of restaurant, will leave unforgettable impression and emotions. Everything that we do, has only one purpose - your pleasure... Pleasure from  live beer- so spicy, fragrant and viscous... What can be better?

Enjoy calmness, a cosiness of the restaurant and tremendous exclusive taste of our live beer...

On December, 11th, 2009  a new restaurant appered on an entertainment map of the city. Perhaps it is one of the biggest in Donetsk region. And it is not surprising, because  the capacity of the restaurant is  700 (450 places for 3 floors of restaurant and 3 levels of a summer terrace include 250 places). Hughes Brewery is one of few places where first of all it is possible to taste live, fragrant beer and also to take pleasure of cozy atmosphere and music performed by blues, jazz and pop groups.

Hughes Brewery is visited by over 1000 persons a day. Our target audience  are representatives of  business and cultural elite of a city.

Our clients know how to work with an excellent result and also how to have a rest in a proper way.

For this reason we consider that advertizing placement  in  our restaurant will strengthen  a position of your business in the conditions of the existing market.

Advertising In The Juzovsky brewery - blow precisely in the purpose!

Сувениры           AFISHA           The hall scheme          
+38 062 208 9800, +38 067 620 2221
Ukraine, 83001, Donetsk, Artema Street 129/B
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